Pavilion | Farmington, NY

Project Details

Value: $ 230,000

Completion Date: 2024

Loyal 9 Development successfully completed the construction of a new pavilion at Farmington Town Park, with a project valuation of approximately $230,000. This endeavor replaced an old and outdated structure, introducing a modern, pre-engineered pavilion that enhances both the functionality and aesthetic of the park.

Project Overview:
The pavilion, measuring 30 feet wide and 50 feet long, provides a spacious, sheltered gathering space for community events and recreational activities. It was built with robust wood columns and beams, supporting a durable metal roof, chosen for both its longevity and its ability to harmonize with the natural surroundings.

Construction Details:
The structure is founded on a shallow foundation system, designed for stability and cost-efficiency. It includes integrated water drainage systems featuring gutters and downspouts that effectively manage water flow away from the pavilion, thereby extending its lifespan. The installation of underground drainage piping further enhances site water management.

Electrical Installations:
The pavilion was outfitted with a new electrical service, including the installation of conduit to support future upgrades and maintenance. This ensures the pavilion can accommodate a wide range of events with varying power needs.

Goal and Stakeholder Engagement:
The completion of this pavilion provided the Town of Farmington with a versatile outdoor venue, capable of hosting diverse public gatherings and enhancing community life. By employing sustainable and superior construction techniques, Loyal 9 Development met and exceeded the expectations of stakeholders such as local government officials, park visitors, and the community members who fund and enjoy the park’s facilities.

The new pavilion at Farmington Town Park stands as a testament to the community’s commitment to investing in high-quality, sustainable infrastructure. It exemplifies Loyal 9 Development’s dedication to enhancing public spaces with functional and aesthetically pleasing structures, promising to be a central hub for community activities for years to come.