Dartmouth Avenue | Garage Addition

Project Details

Dartmouth Avenue – Garage Addition

Cost: $xx,xxx

Completion: 2 Months

Project Overview:
Loyal 9 Development was tasked with demolishing and reconstructing a residential garage, aligning with strict local building codes and incorporating modern, durable materials. The project was valued for its comprehensive scope, including demolition, excavation, masonry, and extensive installation of electrical and plumbing systems.

Key Features:
Demolition and Site Preparation: The existing garage, including the concrete pad and foundation, was removed. Landscaping adjustments were made to comply with impervious surface regulations.
Excavation and Masonry: A frost-line trench footer and concrete blocks for the foundation was installed, followed by a concrete pad with a precision finish.
Framing and Roofing: The construction used engineered trusses and 2×6 studs, topped with a GAF ELK Lifetime Roofing system.
Exterior Finishes: Hardie Cement Board Siding and seamless gutters were installed, complemented by PVC trim and energy-efficient windows and doors.
Electrical Installations: Set up a 50-amp sub-panel with multiple lighting and outlet configurations to support garage utility and security.

The project spanned several phases, each marked by meticulous attention to material quality and adherence to safety and building standards. Loyal 9’s commitment to precision in both planning and execution ensured the project met all client specifications and regulatory requirements, demonstrating its capability in managing and executing specialized residential construction projects.